Revd. Peterson Feital


Revd. Peterson Feital is affectionately known as ‘The Show Biz Rev’ (Financial Times) because of how passionate he is about the creative industries and the mental health of creatives.

Born in Brazil but now based in London, he has developed a network of creatives, entrepreneurs and artists and is the CEO and founder of The Haven+London Charity. The vision of the Haven + London is a world where every creative is free to achieve their creative potential. The Haven + London is the only UK Charity solely dedicated to supporting the emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing of the creative community in London. No other organisation is meeting the specific needs of this fragile but vital community where debt, addictions, depression, anxiety, self-harm and suicides are rife. In working towards our vision we provide emotional and professional support that empowers the creative community to flourish and thrive. This includes ongoing pastoral care, professional counselling, networking opportunities, personal and professional skills development workshops and training opportunities, creative conferences and research.

Revd. Feital, also holds the tittle Missioner to the Creative Industries for London Diocese. He is first theologian to do a PhD in the ‘Theology of Modern Fashion’.  In his career he has been Awarded Receipt of best Apologetics Preaching Prize by the Baptist (2002) and was Awarded John Wesley Receipt of Best Evangelist Prize (2004).

Revd. Feital works alongside many influential executives, entrepreneurs, artists and creatives. He regularly attends BAFTA screenings, Premieres and Art Exhibition throughout London.  His work has been covered by a number of publications such as The Financial Times, The Times, The Independent, The Evening Standard, The Times, Cause Magazine, Soho Clarion Magazine, Getty Images, etc. The Haven + London. His work and entrepreneurial vision continues to draw attention to the media.


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