Tom Harrison-Vaughan


Tom has had a great career spanning almost 20 years in stage, film, TV and Music. He is a brilliant natural and character actor with a stunning eye for detail.

This ability to get into the skin of whoever he’s portraying has been a valuable gift in every genre he’s worked. He is a truly brilliant performer who has an incredible ability to engage his audience.

Tom landed his first big role in TV on The Channel 4 soap ‘Hollyoaks’, playing the DJ, Spike. That role led to other TV shows following suit and landed him parts in ‘Emmerdale’ and ‘Coronation Street’ to name a few. His love for theatre has always played a huge part, playing one of the leading roles in the stage musical ‘The Eva Cassidy Story’. Tom’s love for music always brings him back to a microphone in one guise or another. From performing his one man show internationally, to touring the UK with his impressive and acclaimed stage show. It never fails to bring the audience to their feet. Tom is passionate about writing. He writes and produces his own original material which he performs as a part of his stage show. His music has had hundreds of thousands of views on his Youtube Channel which has followers form all over the globe.


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