Sofia Hayat

Actor and Presenter

Sofia Hayat is an award winning actor and presenter, and a well known face in Bollywood. Her career started in the UK, where she was known for her roles in Jonathon Creek for the BBC, a lead role in the live film/musical “Bollywood Carmen”, where she starred alongside, Meera Syaal, Preeya Khalidas, and Bollywood Actor Abhay Deol. She has also appeared in The Midnight Beast for E4, Waterloo Road, Absolute Power, opposite Stephen Fry, Fur TV for MTV, and Footballers Wives.

Sofia has also had lead roles in the movies, “Cash and Curry, Naachle London, Lead alongside Meera Syaal and Kulvinder Ghir. She had the lead role inThe Unforgettable, Diary of a Butterfly and appeared alongside Malcom McDowell, in the movie Exitz.

Apart from her work as an actress, Sofia presented many shows for the BBC Asian Network, hosted, a show on Radio 4, and presented a show in India called, “Superdude”. Superdude was a smash hit in India and is still getting many hits online!

Sofia has performed her own song at The Royal Albert Hall, and also sang at BAFTA. She has also appeared alongside Jazz legend, Louiz Bankz, in a bass performance in Mumbai in India.

Sofia appeared on the popular show, Big Boss, which was watched by over 1 billion people world wide. On the show she became a word wide hero, for standing up against a man who hit her on the tv show. Women’s groups all across india were protesting in favour of Sofia and against the TV show that allowed this to happen

She has published an autobiography called “Dishonour”, which spoke of her fleeing from an arranged marriage and honour killing, and has spoken at many events to raise awareness of the cause.

Sofia is extremely popular on social media, and many times has trended on twitter and created headlines.
Sofia was nominated Curvy Icon by Vogue Italia in 2012

In 2015, Sofia had a spiritual Awakening, after drinking Ayahuasca. She became a spiritual nun, and left the celebrity world. She travelled the world to ancient temples, pyramids, churches and mosques, guided by a higher divine energy that she knows exists in us all. Her journey was followed by the media who were shocked to see Sofia go from Sexy to a saint. She took part in many spiritual debates on tv.

Sofia has now evolved into a Spiritual Guru. She advises many celebrities and billionaires on their spiritual paths.

Sofia has just finished recording a spiritual album, which brings the listener to deep meditation and healing just by listening to the songs. The songs are sacred frequencies that bring the listener to deep healing and joy. The secret of the universe lies in the frequencies and energies around us and that can be harnessed in song and music of certain vibrations.
Sofia is also releasing a book about her transformation to help others awaken.

We are living in such incredible spiritual times now. People have ascended beyond the physical and have activated something deeper inside which has been calling out for a long time. That is the connection to source, to self and each other.
Sofia is now ready to bring this to the world in her public capacity as a Guru.

Sofia also owns and runs an aesthetic clinic in London which does anti ageing and health therapies.


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