Greg Searle

Olympic champion and inspirational speaker

On 2nd August 1992 Greg won gold in Barcelona aged 20. He competed with his older brother Jonny and cox Garry Herbert. When Garry called “If not now, when?” the Searle brothers moved the pace on and won what has been described by coaches and commentators as the greatest rowing race of all time.

In 2009 Greg came back out of retirement and set himself the vision of winning a second gold on 2nd August 2012 to inspire a new generation. Greg started all over again as a 40-year old man and joined a team of 7 other younger team-mates.

The dream nearly came true at Eton Dorney, when in the final 750m the British crew took the lead but despite enormous home support couldn’t hold off the previously unbeaten German crew and eventually hung on to win bronze.

Whilst disappointed not to win, Greg is well aware of the huge contrast a few centimetres make over a 2km rowing course. He finished in 4th place at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and the experience of coming away with nothing tangible has made him all the more appreciative of the success he enjoyed as part of Team GB. He also recognises success is measured beyond numbers of medals.

Having spent 15 years as an executive and team performance coach, Greg had the self-awareness to know how to fulfil his potential in London 2012. He was able to change, not wait for others; to work better with others and be less egocentric; to seek to understand team mates and grow trusting relationships and to sign up to team strategy despite having other ideas.

Greg is inspiring peak performance in teams and individuals by sharing the behaviour required to bring the enthusiasm he had at 20 coupled to the wisdom he has now at over 40.


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